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Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole

Raleigh, NC - United States

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As a history buff, artist, and former resident of Charleston, SC, I will probably always paint from locations there because it is an endless source of inspiration. A recent move to Raleigh, NC has opened up new art venues, subjects, and friends. As an author, I'm anticipating the release of my novel 'Painter Place' on February 3, 2015.

I live life “seeing” artistically, always composing paintings in my imagination from everyday experiences. My love of living in the South shows in my subject matter as an artist, inspiring me to categorize my work as “Southern Ambiance.” Being born in the Carolinas has surrounded me with wonderful landscapes and a temperate climate for plein air painting. It has also been the foundation for my commitment to the traditional mindset that art is meaningful when it has beauty and is understandable to any viewer. Whether using pastels, acrylic, or watercolor, I hope to create paintings with timeless compositions that are universally appealing.

I hope visitors to my site to see artwork will also check out my gallery of unique handcrafted jewelry. My jewelry creations are named to convey the source of my inspiration. The name helps collectors enjoy the jewelry in a richer way by stirring your own imagination! Every piece is unique. I use only sterling silver, gold-filled, and copper metals, and use real stones, crystals, and pearls, as well as unique glass such as beach glass or interesting pendants. Many selections have a signature hammered clasp that I designed. Prices include shipping.

If collectors are interested in purchasing originals using PayPal, please see my website. I also accept credit and debit payments via PayPal Here, and will make arrangements to layaway, rent, or lease paintings. If an original painting that you see here is not posted on my other website for PayPal purchase, please contact me. All prices include shipping in the USA, but I will also ship internationally and will access the extra cost according to the painting. Many of my paintings are available on products in my store on Zazzle.

To keep up with news and my personal posts as an artist, visitors can join my fan page on facebook as Pamela Poole Fine Art, and on Twitter as PamelaPooleArt. Some of my paintings are available printed onto products in my Zazzle store as well. As the creator and administrator of an online facebook group called Higher Vision, I also look forward to participating in that community of artists, writers, musicians, and interested friends as we interact and share our creative challenges. This group has gathered together with the common interest of a commitment to a social conscience for creating only family-friendly works.

Examples of venues where my work has recently been exhibited are the NC Statewide Pastel Exhibition 2013, the NC State Fair 2012, and the Atlanta Pastel Exhibition 2010. My current artist affiliations include the Pastel Society of NC, in which I serve as Exhibits Chair; Women Painters of the Southeast; and PaintNC Plein Air painters. I enjoy teaching and doing community art events to meet people, paint in public, and speak to groups.

Nothing I can ever do in this life, no relationship I have here, and nothing I can study and teach to anyone would have any meaning apart from my salvation and faith in Jesus Christ. My joy in Him and sharing His love with others keeps my perspective on doing it all for His glory.
(Ephesians 3:20, 21).

(Featured as Local Artist of the Week 2/12/09 in The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC).





Pamela Poole - Sandy Path

Sandy Path

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Sunset at Nags Head

Sunset at Nags Head

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Surf at Nags Head

Surf at Nags Head

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Vincent the Painter in...
Pamela Poole - Transformative


Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Sunset Splash

Sunset Splash

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Tall Ships and Sunflowers
Pamela Poole - Egrets on the Ashley at...
Pamela Poole - Graceful Stroll at...
Pamela Poole - City Lights on Market St.
Pamela Poole - Late Afternoon at Eagle...
Pamela Poole - Idyllic Lilypads

Idyllic Lilypads

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Duncan House in Beaufort...
Pamela Poole - Lake Swing Tranquility
Pamela Poole - Waterlily Reflections 2
Pamela Poole - Waterlily Ballet

Waterlily Ballet

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Waterlily Refections
Pamela Poole - Waterlily Wall

Waterlily Wall

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Hunt for Faith

Hunt for Faith

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Hunt for Mr. Darcy

Hunt for Mr. Darcy

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Hunt for Treasure Island
Pamela Poole - Hunt for...

Hunt for...

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Hunt for the Nautilus
Pamela Poole - Blue Poppy Symphony

Blue Poppy Symphony

Pamela Poole

Pamela Poole - Blue Poppy Symphony 2




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