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My love of living in the South is lavished into my subject matter as an artist and author, inspiring me to categorize my work as “Southern Ambiance.” I spent the first few years of my life in Charleston, South Carolina, and returned later in life for a few more years in which Charleston and the SC coast became solidified as my creative muse. Living in the Carolinas most of my life has surrounded me with wonderful landscapes, a temperate climate, and the traditional charm of a place where good manners and faith matter. I believe art and stories are only worthwhile when they are filled with beauty and hope that survive despite all life’s challenges to make them ugly and hopeless.

My novel "Painter Place" is a blend of my roles as an artist and a writer. Tidbits about the the life of an artist and the basic elements of art are woven as a thread throughout the Painter Place series. I've also tried to give a nod to most areas of creative expression, such as music, photography, and writing. The Painter Place series portrays creative expression as a gift that can be used to contribute to the world in positive ways. "Painter Place" is available online and through Electio Publishing. The second novel in the series, "HUGO," will be released on December 8, 2015. Book trailers can be seen on YouTube for both novels.

I live life “seeing” artistically, always composing paintings in my imagination from everyday experiences. I believe the traditional mindset that art is meaningful when it has beauty and is understandable to any viewer. Whether using pastels, acrylic, or watercolor, I hope to create paintings with timeless compositions that are universally appealing.

To keep up with news about the Painter Place series and my personal posts as an artist, visitors can dind me on facebook as Pamela Poole Fine Art, and on Instagram and Twitter as PamelaPooleArt.

Examples of venues where my work has recently been exhibited are the NC Statewide Pastel Exhibition, the NC State Fair, and the Atlanta Pastel Exhibition. My current artist affiliations include the Pastel Society of NC and PaintNC Plein air painters. I enjoy teaching and doing community art events to meet people, paint in public, and speak to groups.

Nothing I can ever do in this life, no relationship I have here, and nothing I can study and teach to anyone would have any meaning apart from my salvation and faith in Jesus Christ. My joy in Him and sharing His love with others keeps my perspective on doing it all for His glory.
(Ephesians 3:20, 21).

Payment information: If collectors are interested in purchasing originals using PayPal, please see my website. I also accept credit and debit payments via PayPal Here, and will make arrangements to layaway, rent, or lease paintings. All prices include shipping in the USA, but I will also ship internationally and will access the extra cost according to the painting.

(Featured as Local Artist of the Week 2/12/09 in The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC).


Tall Ships and Sunflowers by Pamela Poole


Survivors by Pamela Poole


Search 'n' Surf by Pamela Poole


Storm Surge by Pamela Poole


Graceful Stroll at Magnolia Gardens by Pamela Poole


Beach Bikes by Pamela Poole


Charleston Red Shutters by Pamela Poole


Vincent the Painter in Arles by Pamela Poole


Patio Parking by Pamela Poole


Moonlight Menus by Pamela Poole


Battery View at Sunset at Two Meeting Street Inn of Charleston SC by Pamela Poole


Oceanic Pier at Wrightsville Beach by Pamela Poole


Beach Access One at Shell Island by Pamela Poole


Stormy Marsh at Shell Island by Pamela Poole


Garden City Beach Pier by Pamela Poole


Atlantic Dunes by Pamela Poole


Blackwater Blue at Magnolia Gardens by Pamela Poole


Surf Dancing by Pamela Poole


Approaching Storm by Pamela Poole


Beach Studio by Pamela Poole


Surf at Nags Head by Pamela Poole


Pier Pals by Pamela Poole


City Lights on Market St. by Pamela Poole


Purple Rain by Pamela Poole


Indigo and Koi by Pamela Poole


Egrets on the Ashley at Charles Towne Landing by Pamela Poole


Heritage Corridor Cotton by Pamela Poole


Late Afternoon at Eagle Ridge by Pamela Poole


Idyllic Lilypads by Pamela Poole


Lake Swing Tranquility by Pamela Poole


Hunt for Faith by Pamela Poole


Great Expectations by Pamela Poole


Hunt for Mr. Darcy by Pamela Poole


Hunt for Treasure Island by Pamela Poole


Hunt for Dracula--Jonathan Harker's Journal by Pamela Poole


Hunt for the Nautilus by Pamela Poole


Blue Poppy Symphony by Pamela Poole


Sunflower Vibrations by Pamela Poole


Waterlily Symphony by Pamela Poole


Transformative by Pamela Poole


Koi Fantasy by Pamela Poole


Pier Artistry by Pamela Poole


Baby Turtle Chroma by Pamela Poole


Dandelion Dance by Pamela Poole


Blackwater Cypress Knees by Pamela Poole


Swamp Dandelions by Pamela Poole


Swamp Cattails by Pamela Poole


Peacock Portrait by Pamela Poole